Lunch Time Lecture 2016. december 8.

Professor Steven Adams


Professor Steven Adams from St. Thomas Law School presented a lunch time lecture on the expected impacts of the post-Trump era on the regulation of financial markets. Professor Steven taught a concentrated M&A law course in the framework of Pázmány’s U.S. Law Program.

Participants of the lunch time lecture heard that the recent Presidential election in the United States produced an unexpected result.  After initially reacting negatively, US equity markets have moved to all-time highs and US Treasury yields are expanding, in what might be referred to as the Trump Effect.  It appears to reflect expectations of deregulation, job growth and inflation, together with related interest rate increases from the US Federal Reserve.  In the area of financial regulation, while there may not be sweeping changes, many components of the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 are likely to modified or repealed.  This is likely to include lending regulations for commercial banks and the wide-ranging authority granted to the Financial Stability Oversight Committee, among others.