About Us

The Deák Ferenc Institute organizes trainings and courses for lawyers and other professionals, to expand and rise their knowledge about law. Being a catholic university we have a solid mission in believing that truth has to go beyond the law.

Special postgraduate trainings, which consist of three or four educational semesters including one semester preparing students for their thesis and state exam, help lawyers and non-law degree holders to specialize in and become expert in a special field of law. The Deák Ferenc Institute of Postgraduate Studies has been organizing postgraduate trainings since 2000 and has issued nearly 2,000 certificates for professionals. As the demand on the market has been getting stronger, the range of available courses is continuously expanding.


Preparatory courses for legal professional exams

These courses aim at law graduates alumni who are candidates for the professional legal examination. It should be considered that candidates have to take the exams in all the same subjects regardless the field of the compulsory traineeship they have been undertaking. Complying with the requirements of the professional exam is beneficial for the permeability and course correction of professionals. The professional legal exam courses are accepted by the Incorporated Legal Society of Budapest.

Programme series of career management

Trainings and lectures covering career planning, job seeking techniques, writing CVs and cover letters, job interviews and company presentations effectively helps students or alumni in their career planning of legal or administrative fields, all co-ordinated and managed by our Career Office since 2006. These programmes aim to orient students in their career planning and in finding the right professional position as well as to analyse job market tendencies and help building skills for self-management.