Training programmes

Available post-graduate specialist training programmes for lawyers are:

  • Agricultural and Rural Development Law,
  • Capital Markets and Banking Law,
  • Company and Business Law,
  • Competition Law,
  • Conveyancing Law,
  • Criminology,
  • Economic Criminal Law,
  • Environmental Law,
  • EU Law (available in English)
  • Sports Law
  • Public Procurement Law
  • Law of Regulated Industries
  • ESP Translator Specialized in Law
  • ESP Interpreter Specialized in Law
  • EU law and Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Law and Innovation Management (partly in English)
  • Juvenile Criminal Justice
  • Media Law
  • Public Service Regulation and Codification


Available post-graduate specialist training programmes for non-law graduates:

  • Administration in Agriculture and Rural Development,
  • Complementary Legal Studies for Economists,
  • Complementary Legal Studies for Environmental Experts,
  • Criminology and Criminal Law for Police Officers,
  • Complementary Legal Studies for Medical and Health Care Graduates,
  • Complementary Legal Studies for Sports Experts,
  • Complementary Legal Studies for Experts of Regulated Industries
  • ESP Translator: Legal English
  • Cultural Organisation Manager with a Complementary Degree in Law
  • Program Officer in Public Prucurement with a Complementary degree in Law
  • Complementary Legal Studies in Intelectual Property and Innovation Management