Corporate Compliance Lawyer Postgraduate Training

Corporate Compliance Lawyer Postgraduate Training
Language: English
The aim of the Postgraduate Program is to provide lawyers strong ethical, cultural and legal foundations as well as comprehensive knowledge about legal and corporate governance instruments regarding compliance. Intercultural issues are prominently dicussed. The programme offers international outlook and an analysis of current cross-cultural challenges.
- degree in law,
- high-level proficiency in English.
The part-time programme is intended for individuals already holding a law degree. The duration of the correspondent training is 2 semesters with a total of 14 courses. Students will prepare their theses and take the final exam in the second semester of the training.
Each semester consists of a term-time during which students attend to the lessons and an examination period during which students take their exams. The lectures take place on the same weekday each week, usually 2-3 times per month. A typical day consists of 6 lectures (6 × 45 min.) organized into 3 × 1.5 hours. Each course includes an exam during the examination period which can be either oral or written and provides the mark for that course (marks 1–5, where 1 means ”fails” and 5 means “excellent”).
The training is based on the common EU higher education framework and is credit-based, meaning that the LL.M. outcome is recognized worldwide.
Fee: … HUF/semester.
The training is scheduled to start in September 2020.
Leading lecturer assigned with the course: Prof. Dr. Tóth Tihamér.
Students successsfully completing the postgraduate course (subject to passing the final exam and  defending their thesis successfully) will be entitled to  obtain a certificate of specialist qualification and hold the title of:
Lawyer Specialised in Corporate Compliance.
The diploma is recognized as an LL.M level certificate.
- Ethical Foundations
- Intercultural Issues
- Constitutional Principles
- Liability Issues
- Basics, Principles,  Domestic and International Good Practice of Corporate Compliance
- Competition and Consumer Protection
- Privacy
- Financial Institutions
- Basics of the Taxation of the Companies, Tax Procedures in Practice, Actual Trends
- Labour Law
- Environment and Sustainability
- Formal Requirements of Compliance and Ethics Programs
- Compliance Procedures
- Thesis Consultation
The programme is offered by the Deák Ferenc Postgraduate School at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Pázmány Péter Catholic University and takes place in central Budapest. 
The Deák Ferenc Institute reserves the right to any alterations concerning  the above.