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LLM at Golden Gate University School of Law

The LLM in US Legal Studies Program comprises 24 units, typically taken over two to four semesters. We offer two different focuses in our LLM in US Legal Studies Program. One focus provides students with a broad range of general knowledge of all aspects of US law. The other prepares students to take a rigorous state bar examination.

The broader alternative allows students to study many issues in US law and a lot of freedom to choose their own curriculum. Students may select any courses offered at the law school, regardless of whether they are listed as JD or LLM classes. For example, a student might take classes in criminal law, family law, trial advocacy, business, arbitration, or any other elective course. If a student, however, wishes to focus more specifically on a particular subject, the student may register for a Concentration in a specialized area. We offer six concentrations: U.S. Legal Practice; Immigration Law; Corporate and Commercial Law; Labor and Employment Law; Litigation & Lawyering Skills; and Property Development & Real Estate. Students are not required to choose a concentration but the option is available to those who are interested.

The other course of study is a rigorous preparation for a bar examination. Many foreign-educated students take an LLM in US Legal Studies to prepare themselves to take, and pass, the bar exams in California, New York, other US states, as well as Washington, D.C. This alternative is much more limited in choices of classes, as it requires the student to focus on topics that are tested on the bar, such as Contracts, Evidence, Civil Procedure, Property, and Torts.

In addition to the coursework, we offer Curricular Practical Training (CPT) to LLM in US Legal Studies students. CPT involves working as an intern or employee in the legal field. Having practical US work experience can help graduates advance their careers when they return to their home country or enter international practice. Students may participate in CPT after completing one semester of course work.

To apply, a student can submit a paper application by downloading it from our website, at:

You can also apply to the LLM in US Legal Studies Program by using Law School Admission Council (LSAC)'s service by creating an account at:

We offer a rolling deadline, although we prefer to have the applications for the fall semester (which starts in August) by June 1, and for the spring semester (which starts in January) by November 1. LLM applicants must submit the following documents:

1. The application form;
2. Official transcripts of prior legal and university education
(We will accept copies of transcripts for admission decision purposes, but officially-endorsed originals are required for our official records and for visas);
3. A personal statement of purpose, not to exceed two pages in length;
4. A Certificate of Finance (This is required only for applicants seeking F-1 or J-1 student visas); and
5. Non-refundable application fee of USD $60.

Letters of recommendation are not required, but you may include them with your application if you wish.