Academic Calendar

Erasmus nomination deadline
1st semester: 15 May

2nd semester: 15 November

deadline for Erasmus application
1st semester: 30 May

2nd semester: 30 November

Academic Calendar
updated in June/December

Academic Courses
available from end of June/end of December - the webpage is currently not available

Academic Year
Autumn Term
Term period (15 weeks): 01 September – 13 December

Course registration week: August 21 – Sep 8

Autumn break: a week around the beginning of November

Examination period (6 weeks): 15 December – 31 January,

Spring Term
Term period (15 weeks): 02 February – 15 May

Course registration week: 21 Jan - 04 Feb

Eastern break: a week around the beginning of April

Examination period (6 weeks): 18 May – 30 June,

Important notice:
The Faculty of Law and Political Sciences welcomes MA and BA students. Students wishing to spend their Erasmus+ mobility period at our Faculty are very welcome. We are happy to assist students with their thesis work, as well.

Most of our legal courses for exchange students run in English, though we have a few legal courses in German, French and Italian, as well. We kindly ask prospective Erasmus students to get information about the available course list of the current semester 5-6 weeks before their Erasmus period starts on our website. For further details please consult our website: