Application and Registration

Application and Registration

First of all, your university nominates you. This is the official way to get an Erasmus student's confirmation. (Please note the nomination deadlines.)

The next step is to upload your application in our S.O.P. Mobility Online System, you will get the link via e-mail - in reply to the nomination. (Please mind the application deadlines.)

The necessary documents of your mobility will be handled in this online system, please proceed as the system asks you via system e-mails. Your application is valid after you upload an ID photo and your Learning Agreement.

We offer a wide range of legal courses for Erasmus students each semester: please select your desired courses from the list, and prepare your Learning Agreement - before mobility part - latest by mid June (or mid December for the Spring term) and please take it to your home coordinator for their approval and signature. After the approval please upload the document in the online system.

At the very beginning of the term we will generate your Neptun code (our online university course registration system), so that you can register for the courses in the system to be an exchange student of Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Faculty of Law.

Please obtain an international student card before coming to Budapest in order that you could take advantage of the reduced rates at all public transport prices in Hungary and in numerous other places (museums, water parks, exhibitions, etc.)

During the semester, our tutor network organises fieldtrips and events where you can taste traditional Hungarian food, get to know the country's culture and history and join other activities.

The Erasmus Office selects tutors one month before the term starts to help you with all the practical matters concerning arrival, accommodation and integration to student life in Budapest, etc. 

Nomination deadline:

for 1st semester: 30th May
for 2nd semester: 30th October

Application deadline:

for 1st semester between: 1st May - 30th June
for 2nd semester between: 1st October - 30th November

For further details: