Jean Monnet Chair grant October 16, 2019

Prof. Tihamer Toth received a grant for three years.

After a view years, a professor of PPCU was again rewarded by an EU Commission funding. Following the path of prof. Gyula Bándi who holds not only a Jean Monnet Chair, but also a Jean Monnet Center of Excellence title, now

prof. Tihamer Toth received a grant for three years.


His teaching and research project, also actively involving Pál Szilágyi, is focusing on sustainable competition. The award is important since

this is the only competition law related topic selected by the EU,
the one of two Jean Monnet Chairs awarded to Hungarian universities this year.

This reflects PPCU's traditionally leading position when it comes either to environmental or competition law studies. The events of the program will be published on the website of the Competition Law Research Center of the law faculty.