Prof. Fabian Stancke at Pazmany December 13, 2019

Antitrust Laws and Sustainable Development by Example of Climate Change

Prof. Fabian Stancke (Brunswick European University) delivered a lecture following the invitation of Pazmany's Competition Law Research Center. Prof. Stancke discussed

the relationship between public policies promoting sustainability goals and competition law.

Participants included students, practicing lawyers, faculty members and a representative of the competition authority.

Lively discussion developed about the extent to which competition law is able to accomodate sustainabiility concerns, and especially whether competition authorities have the mandate and also the capabilities to protect non-economic public interests. The Competition Law Research Center, benefiting from the university's strengths in environmental and competition laws and enjoying the support of the EU Commission' Jean Monnet Chair program, hosts events discussing how sustainability and competition goals can be reconciled. Prof. Stancke's presentation can be downloaded from here.