Gyulavári Tamás

Gyulavári Tamás professor

  • Department of Employment Law

Short bio

Present position:
Professor of Labour Law, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Head of Labour Law Department

Consulting hours

Tuesday 13-15

Work experience

Dates 2011 – onwards
Professor, Head of Labour Law Department
Labour and social law
Pázmány Péter Catholic University, 28 Szentkirályi, 1085, Budapest, Hungary

Dates 2005 - 2011
Senior lecturer
Labour and social law
ELTE University

Dates 1999 - 2005
Labour and social law
Pécs University

Dates 1995 - 1999
Assistant lecturer
Social law
Kossuth University Debrecen, Hungary

Research experience:

Visiting fellow (January-August), European University Institute, Florence (EUI)

Which rights for which workers? Association Travail Emploi Europe Société (ASTREES), Lyon 2,
Member of the Scientific Committee

National Consultant to assist the Albanian Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (MLSA) with the development of specific Labour Law reform proposals, ILO expert

Training to Inter-Institutional Working Groups on EU Integration, SMEI II, Tirana, Albania

2005 – 2011
Member of the Equal Treatment Advisory Council

Labour law after the crisis, Association Travail Emploi Europe Société (ASTREES), Member of the Scientific Committee

Comparative legal analysis of national provisions and practices governing companies' obligations towards their employees on anticipation, preparation and management of restructuring, HERA, Steering Committee Member

Transnational company agreements, Labour Asociados - European Commission, Member of the Scientific Committee

National expert (Hungary) for the FRA project on the Fundamental Rights of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and Persons with mental Health Problems

National expert (Hungary) for the Academic Network of European Disability experts (ANED)

The impact of new forms of labour on industrial relations and the evolution of labour law in the European Union, Labour Asociados - European Parliament (Committee on Employment and Social Affairs), Member of the Scientific Committee

Studies on the implementation of Labour Law Directives, Labour Asociados - European Commission

Reports on the implementation of Labour Law Directives in Hungary, Human European Consultancy

2002 – 2005
Member of the European Integration Research Group, Prime Minister's Office

November 2003 – July 2004
Elaboration of the first Hungarian National Employment Action Plan, Ministry of Labour and Employment Affairs, Labour law expert

September 2002 – December 2003
Elaboration of the Anti-discrimination Act, Hungarian Ministry of Justice, Legal expert

February 2001 – April 2001
European University Institute, Firenze, Research on European Labour Law

1998 -2002
European Integration Inter-Governmental Committee on Social Affairs and Employment, EC law harmonization expert

1998 - 1999
Member of the Hungarian Delegation at the negotiations between the European Union and Hungary (Acquis Screening of Social Policy), Brussels


Recent Books

Gyulavári Tamás – Kádár András Kristóf: A magyar antidiszkriminációs jog vázlata (Hungarian Anti-discrimination Law). Egyetemi jegyzet, Bíbor Kiadó, Miskolc, 2009.

Gyulavári Tamás (szerk.): Munkajog (Labour Law, Third Edition). Eötvös Kiadó, Budapest, 2014.

Gyulavári Tamás – Kártyás Gábor: The Hungarian Flexicurity Pathway – New Labour Code after Twenty Years in the Market Economy. Pázmány Press, Budapest, 2015.


Recent Articles

Gyulavári Tamás – Kártyás Gábor: The Hungarian Labour Law Reform. The Great Leap towards Full Employment. ANUARIO DA FACULTADE DE DEREITO DA UNIVERSIDADE DA CORUNA 2012/2: 167-188.

Gyulavári Tamás – Hős Nikolett: The Road to Flexibility? Lessons from the New Hungarian Labour Code. EUROPEAN LABOUR LAW JOURNAL 2012/4: 253-270.

Gyulavári Tamás – Hős Nikolett: Retirement of Hungarian Judges, Age Discrimination and Judicial Independence: A Tale of Two Courts. INDUSTRIAL LAW JOURNAL 2013/3: 289-297.

Gyulavári Tamás: Age discrimination: recent case law of the European Court of Justice. ERA FORUM, 2013/3: 377-389.

Gyulavári Tamás: Regards sur le droit du travail hongrois et ses évolutions récentes. REVUE DE DROIT DU TRAVAIL 2013/9: 576-588.

Gyulavári Tamás: A bridge too far? The Hungarian regulation of economically dependent work. HUNGARIAN LABOUR LAW E-JOURNAL. 2014/1: 1-22.

Gyulavári Tamás: Trap of the Past: Why Economically Dependent Work is not Regulated in the Member States of Eastern Europe. EUROPEAN LABOUR LAW JOURNAL 2014/3-4: 267-278.

Gyulavári Tamás – Kártyás Gábor: La riforma ungherese del diritto del lavoro: un grande salto verso la piena occupazione? RIVISTA GIURIDICA DEL LAVORO E DELLA PREVIDENZA SOCIALE 2014/4.