Kovács Péter

Kovács Péter, D.Sc. professor

  • Department of Public International Law

Short bio

Head of Public International Law Department and the Doctoral School. judge of the Constitutional Court of Hungary.

Previuosly served as a diplomat at the Embassy of Hungary in Paris and as the head of the Department for Human RIghts and Minority Protection in the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Authored and co-edited numerous books and journal articles. (A detailed CV and list of publication is available at the respective links in French and in Hungarian.)

Curriculum vitae

Born in 1959, Szeged. Married, he has three daughters.

Studies at the Law Faculty of the University Attila József (Szeged-Hungary) 1978-1983. Master of Law.

Postgraduate studies: Community law in the Centre Européen Universitaire (Nancy-France) 1983-1984. (Diplôme d´études supérieures européennes.) Institut International des Droits de l´Homme (Strasbourg-France) 1984. (Diplôme de droit international et de droit comparé des droits de l´homme). Comparative law studies (Amsterdam, Strasbourg), humanitarian law. (Varsaw, San Remo). Participation at the summer course of the Hague Academy of International Law. (1987).

Scientific degree: Ph.D. awarded in 1987 at the Miskolc Law Faculty (Hungary), dr. habil (1997) at the Miskolc Law Faculty, DSC (2011), Hungarian Academy of Sciences,

Professional career: Miskolc University, Faculty of Law, Departement of Public International Law. (since 1983-). Professor (since 1998-). head of dept. (1999-2005)

Professor of the Dept. of Public International Law, Faculty of Law of the Péter Pázmány Catholic University (since 1997-), head of dept. (since 1998-2005, 2009-).

Ministry for Foreign Affairs: between 1990-1994: 1st class secretary at the Embassy in Paris. 1998-1999: Head of the Department of Human Rights and Minority Law;

Governmental expert in the Council of Europe in the CAHLR (preparation of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages) and CAHMIN (preparation of the Framework-convention for the Protection of National Minorites) committees. In 1998: member of the expert group on Democratic citizenship in the Council of Europe

Editor in chief of the Miskolc Journal of International Law, the first web-based international legal periodical run in Hungary. (http://www.mjil.hu)

Judge of the Constitutional Court since 2005 September. President of the 1st Chamber since 2013.

Research field: i. minority protection ii. human rights iii. humanitarian law, iv. international jurisprudence, v. history of international law. vi. Schengen cooperation, vii. constitutional jurisprudence,

Lectures in abroad: director of studies at the Institut International des Droits de l´Homme (1989), lecturer of the preparatory programme: 1989,1993. Lecturer at the St Mary Law School (summer university) in Innsbruck (1990, 1991) and at the Valle d´Aosta Summer University on Regionalism (2000).

Invited professor at the Montpellier University (2000), Paris IX (2002), Paris II (2003, 2009), Nantes University (2003., Regensburg Universität –Summer University of the Law Faculty (2011), Visiting professor in the US with Fulbright scholarship during the fall semester of the Denver University, College of Law ( August-December 2002)

Erasmus-Socrates professor at the Nancy University (2001, 2003). Lecturer at the Santa Clara Law School (summer university) in Budapest (1996) and at the Summer University organized by the Institut des Hautes Études Internationales (Nice, France) at Budapest (1995,1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001)

Reports, papers, communications at international conferences: Luxemburg (1993,1998), Salzburg (1991), Saint Vincent - Valle d´Aosta (1992, 1997,1999), Paris (1993, 1996, 2001) Nancy (1994, 1996, 1997, 2000), Prague (1994) Lodz (1994), Neuchatel (1995), Moncton (1996), Cividale (1996), Terschelling Islands (1997). Brussels (1997, 2001), Pamplona (1998), etc. Lectures on the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, as expert-deleguee of the Council of Europe in Chisinau (1995), Warsaw (1996), Bolzano (1997), on the Framework-convention for the Protection of National Minorities in Europe in Kiyv and Brdo (1997) and in Baku (1999). Participation as invited expert to the hearing of the Commission on Human Rights and Legal Affairs of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (2004-Berlin), lecture delivered in the framework of the EU-China Human Rights Dialogue Seminar (2004 Beijing) etc.


- European Protection of Minorities in the 90-s. (1995). (in Hungarian)

- International Law and Minority Protection (1996). (in Hungarian)

- Public international law (translation, adaptation and actualization of the Nguyen Quoc Dinh-Daillier-Pellet: Droit international public) (1997) (in Hungarian)

- Perspectives d´intégration des pays d´Europe centrale et orientale aux institutions de l´Europe occidentale[sous la direction de P. Daillier et de P. Kovács] - CEDIN - Paris X Nanterre - Cahiers internationaux n°13 Montchréstien 1998 Paris (in French)

- Introduction in international legal and diplomatic practice (1999) (in Hungarian)

- Council of Europe [ed. with F. Gazdag] 1999 (in Hungarian)

- Le droit international pour les minorités face á l´État-nation (Miskolc 2000 Presses Universitaires de Miskolc) (in French)

- The Schengen-question (Budapest 2000 Osiris) (in Hungarian)

- International Law and Minority Protection: Rights of Minorities or Law of Minorities (Budapest 2000 Péter Pázmány University Publications) (in English)

-(ed) Le droit international au tournant du millénaire / International Law at the turn of the Millenium (Budapest 2000 Osiris) (contributions in French or in English)

- (ed) Terrorisme et droit international / Terrorism and International Law (Miskolc University 2002 Miskolc) (contributions in French or in English)

- (ed) Historia ante portas (L'histoire en droit international / History in International Law) Bibor Kiadó 2004 Miskolc

- La protection internationale des minorités nationales aux alentours du millénaire Pédone 2005 Paris (Cours et travaux (N°5) de l'Université Panthéon-Assas, Institut des Hautes Études Internationales de Paris) p. 1-96

- Public international law (in Hungarian) – university manual, Osiris 2006 Budapest (2nd edition 2011), used as official manual at the Péter Pázmány Catholic University and at the universities of Miskolc, Debrecen and Szeged.

- Possibilities and limits of development of public international law in the practice of international courts (in Hungarian); 319 p (Pázmány Press 2011 Budapest)

- Introduction à la jurisprudence de la Cour Constitutionnelle de la République de Hongrie,Universitätsverlag. Regensburg, 2011 Regensburg

- (ed) International Law – a Quiet Strength / Le droit international, une force tranquille (Miscellanea in memoriam Géza Herczegh) (Pázmány Press 2011 Budapest) (articles in French or in English)

Membership: Institut International des Droits de l´Homme (Strasbourg), Société Française pour le Droit International, Hungarian Branch of the International Law Association.

Distinction: Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Mérite de la République Française (2010),

Prizes: Pro Minoritate prize (Fundatia Dispora, Timisoara, Rumania, 2003), Pro Facultate Jurisprudentiae (Miskolc University, 2002), Pázmány Golden Medal and Lósy Prize (Péter Pázmány Catholic University 2009, 2012)

Languages: French and English as working languages. Russian, German: as reading languages.

Budapest,- Hungary, February 2014

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