Lecturer: Gyeney Laura

Course description

The course reviews key theories and research on migration, its causes, consequences, and policy implications in the western world, with a special focus on the European Union and its Member States. The course starts with a review of the main theories, and explanations of international migration. Throughout the course, we give a brief overview of EU immigration law, EU legislation on legal and irregular migration.

1. The definition of migration, migration push and pull factors, migration theories
2. International migration – International Migration Organization
3. Area of freedom security and justice
4. Right of Union citizens and their family members to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States
5. History of EU immigration law
6. Legal migrants I.: EU Family reunification directive
7. Legal migrants II.: EU long term residence directive
8. Legal migrants III.: EU measures on legal migration: students and researchers
9. Economic migration: EU blue card directive, EU Single Permit Directive
10. Illegal migration: EU Return Directive
11. EU asylum acquis
12. Migration and integration policy in Hungary