The Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union

The aim of the course
The course is intending to develop the ability of evaluating the trends and results of the CFSP alongside with the ESDP. Those who perform the requirements of the course shall be able to examine the challenges of the foreign policy and decision making thereof and in the same time to assess the possibilities and pitfalls of the demand for a more coherent foreign policy on EU level.

The content of the course
The course provides a comprehensive overlook of the emergence of the foreign policy from a historical perspective since the Schuman declaration until the most recent times. The course deals with the basic concepts of the international relations as well as the structural foreign policy approach defined by Sephan Keukeleire. The structure of the course provides an understanding regarding the policy and decision making methods in the foreign policy related areas and demonstrates the intermediary actors and their role within the processes and institutional environment provided by the Lisbon Treaty. The main focus during the course lies on the legal background and operation of the CFSP and ESDP, and the general areas and relations of the EU foreign policy in action, however the course covers certain areas that are beyond the scope of the CFSP and deals with some ethical considerations as well.

Endterm exam: evaluation according to the five-scale grading scheme - excellent (5),good (4), satisfactory (3), pass (2), fail (1)

Compulsory literature
Lecture materials (presentation);
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Recommended literature
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