The Department for Foreign Languages offers the following one or two-semester optional courses (the recommended language level is intermediate or above):

  • Introduction to  Legal Language (in English, German and French, Italian)
  • Business English and Communication for students of lawThe Language of Economics (in German)
  • Negotiation techniques for students of Law (in German and English)T
  • The Language of the European Union (in English and German)
  • The Language and Law of Contracts (in English)
  • Legal Writing
  • Legal Reasoning
  • Famous French Criminal Cases


PROFEX is a professional language exam testing legal and administrative language proficiency.

The Language department runs one-and two-semester preparatory courses in English and German.

Why study languages for specific purposes?

Professional language skills are the gateway to a successful careerYou can improve your general language skills and master the language of your professionYou will become more self-confident by acquiring the skills necessary for negotiation, legal translation and legaleseIt means prestige in the labour market

Erasmus and language knowledge

As an increasing number of students undertake to study abroad within the framework of the Erasmus programme, it is of fundamental importance that their language skills reach a sufficient level. Doing a course in a foreign language requires a professional vocabulary and a good working knowledge of the language. The Department for Foreign Languages helps you reach your goals in professional development.