About the Doctoral School


Offices and persons responsible for organising the Doctoral Training

Head of the Doctoral School: Dr. Gyula Bándi, university professor

Coordinator of the doctoral school: Szilárd Tattay, associate professor

Secretariat: Krisztina Szalainé Szikszai

Office hours: from Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 12:00, Building A, Floor 3, Room 305

Address: 1088 Budapest, Szentkirályi u. 28-30.

Phone:  (+36  1) 429-7291

E-mail: doktori.iskola@jak.ppke.hu

Website: https://jak.ppke.hu/jog-es-allamtudomanyi-doktori-iskola

Members of the Doctoral and Habilitation Council

Core members of the doctoral school and their publication lists:

Gyula Bándi, professor
Ervin Belovics, professor
László Burián, professor
Nadja El Beheiri, professor
János Frivaldszky, professor
Tamás Gyulavári, professor
Viktória Harsági, professor
Gábor Jobbágyi, professor emeritus
Péter Kovács, professor
István Szabó, professor
Tihamér Tóth, professor
Zs. András Varga, professor
György Vókó, professor emeritus

Programmes and topics of the Doctoral Training

Types of training programmes: state-financed full-time, self-funding correspondence, self-funding with individual curriculum

Topics: see website: www.doktori.hu

or based on individual consultation with the academic staff of the department concerned


Submission of the application:

The application form can be downloaded from the website

Application fee: 9,000 HUF

Application deadline: June of each year (see the yearly announcement)

Required documents to be attached:

data sheet, professional CV, research plan, letter of acceptance from the related department, copy/ies of degree of completed academic studies, copy/ies of language certificate


State-financed and self-funded training

Fees (application, tuition, other):

Doctoral students not financed by the state must pay a tuition fee.

Tuition fee: 90,000 HUF/semester (110.000 HUF shall be from 2020 onwards).

Application fee: 9,000 HUF, payment certificate must be attached to the application.