Jean Monnet Teaching Module


The Co-existence of EU Public law (competition, consumer protection and sanctions) and national laws - Decision n. 2010 - 2883 / 001- 001



The activities can be grouped in three parts.
(1) Improving teaching quality. The teaching activities (F1) 1-3 are subjects which are already taught at the university but are in a pilot project phase.
a. Competition Law I. and II. (in English): based on our long established teaching experience in competition law in 2007 we launched a pilot project allowing students to visit the lectures in English. Based on our experience we will develop the curriculum in English to provide excellent quality with modern teaching methods (web-based information portal and teaching modules about Hungarian and EU competition law and policy).
b. Research Seminar in Competition Law and Competition Law Case Studies. The two subjects based on our teaching experience will be developed. Both seminars are pilot projects. The research seminars are focusing on students who would like to elaborate different subjects more in depth and are willing to do research every week. Our aim is to provide student with critical thinking and the capacity to carry out high quality research on their own. The case study seminars introduce in a very innovative way the Anglo-Saxon teaching method by analysing cases and using case studies to elaborate different issues in competition law.
c. Training of members of professional organisations. This activity is new and will be part of our competition advocacy. Members taught about the different requirements set by competition law regarding the representation of members' interests and the cooperation within the organisation.
(2) Introducing new lecture series (Event nr. 1.) This new activity will provide professionals up-to-date information on the recent developments in competition law and policy both in Hungary and the EU. The lecture series will consist of five 2 hours events.
(3) Teaching materials. To all of the above mentioned activities we will provide a web based information portal with quality content.

By developing the curriculum further and by providing the target groups (students, professionals, or members of professional organisations) innovative teaching materials and methods we enable them to utilize the acquired knowledge. We already have feedback that our pilot projects are highly successful. Our former students' results are outstanding.
The teaching activities combine traditional (German based) teaching activity with the experience of Anglo-Saxon countries. The development of the teaching activity and the teaching materials will enable us to provide higher quality for the target groups. The trainings will allow us to provide professionals with up-to-date knowledge and reach a wide target audience.
By providing the opportunity to attend the lectures and seminars for students of other higher education institutions they will have the opportunity to visit lectures where the development of the new curriculum is based on a unique teaching experience of the subject in Hungary.
The project will also have a larger impact. Our institution is providing training and lectures on all levels of higher and postgraduate education. Our results will be incorporated into other teaching and training activities.

The pilot projects' results are encouraging and with the funding we can establish the teaching activities on a long term basis. While traditional German-style teaching is well established, the teaching and training activities we plan are innovative in Hungarian education. Both research seminars and case studies are rare in Hungarian higher legal education. As is competition advocacy. Web-based teaching platforms are not yet prevalent in Hungarian higher education. By introducing these developments we not only provide higher quality, but also can function as pilot project for other subjects.
We are committed for competition advocacy, so based on this project we will be able to deliver pro bono trainings for members of non-profit professional organisations in the long term.
At our institution web based platforms for teaching materials are not available yet, so our project is new for the Law Faculty. The website will allow differentiated log in with multi level access, so each student will be able to access content of subjects he/she is studying.