Courses of the Department of Administrative Law


International Administration (BA)

  • Organizational system of Public Administration (lecturer: prof. Varga Zs. András / Patyi Gergely)
  • Procedural Law (lecturer: Christián László / Patyi Gergely)
  • Applied (legal) informatics (lecturer: Christián László)
  • Specialized Administartion Law (lecturer: Gerencsér Balázs / Oláh József / prof. Molnár Miklós)

European and International Administration (MA)

  • European administrative criminal law (lecturer: Christián László)
  • Comparative Administrative Law (lecturer: Gerencsér Balázs)
  • Administrative Basics (lecturer: Patyi Gergely)
  • Minority rights (lecturer: Gerencsér Balázs)

Legislation LLM

  • Introduction to legislation
  • Deregulation

Lawyer (legal graduate courses)

  • Administartive law 1: theory, Organizational system (lecturer: prof. Varga Zs. András)
  • Administartive law 2: Procedural Law (lecturer: prof. Varga Zs. András)
  • Administartive law 3: Specialized Administartion Law (lecturer: Gerencsér Balázs)
  • Administartive law 4: European Adminsitrative Law (lecturer: prof. Molnár Miklós)


All courses are held in Hungarian. For detailed information click on the titles or choose the sidebar.


Doctorate (PhD) programme

The lecturers of the department are promotors of doctoral candidates (Ph.D.) as well. Topics are determined individually.