Courses of the Department of Administrative Law



International Administration (BA)

  • Organizational system of Public Administration (lecturer: prof. Varga Zs. András / Patyi Gergely)
  • Procedural Law (lecturer: Christián László / Patyi Gergely)
  • Applied (legal) informatics (lecturer: Christián László)
  • Specialized Administartion Law (lecturer: Gerencsér Balázs / Oláh József / prof. Molnár Miklós)

European and International Administration (MA)

  • European administrative criminal law (lecturer: Christián László)
  • Comparative Administrative Law (lecturer: Gerencsér Balázs)
  • Administrative Basics (lecturer: Patyi Gergely)
  • Minority rights (lecturer: Gerencsér Balázs)

Legislation LLM

  • Introduction to legislation
  • Deregulation

Lawyer (legal graduate courses)

  • Administartive law 1: theory, Organizational system (lecturer: prof. Varga Zs. András)
  • Administartive law 2: Procedural Law (lecturer: prof. Varga Zs. András)
  • Administartive law 3: Specialized Administartion Law (lecturer: Gerencsér Balázs)
  • Administartive law 4: European Adminsitrative Law (lecturer: prof. Molnár Miklós)

All courses are held in Hungarian. For detailed information click on the titles or choose the sidebar.

English Language Courses

Linguistic Rights - Law of Coexisting Languages

Context of Terrorism

Doctorate (PhD) programme

The lecturers of the department are promotors of doctoral candidates (Ph.D.) as well. Topics are determined individually.