Courses in English

Linguistic Rights - Law of Coexisting Languages

This course provides an introduction to the Linguistic/Language Rights on a comparative basis. Its aim is to present the forms of the wide-spread legal regulations affecting languages as well as the case law of the ECtHR and the relating international instruments.

Context of Terrorism

1. The rule of law - comparison of the english and the european context;
2. Changes in the role of the modern democratic state in the 20th and 21th centuries;
3. The state of emergency - the actual bounding of the modern democratic system;
4. Salus populi - theoretical basics and practical delusions;
5. Altering the essence of human rights in the 21th century;
6. Variations and differences in the western and central european forms of terrorism;
7. Multidisciplinary approaches of terrorism I.;
8. Multidisciplinary approaches of terrorism II.;
9. International counter-terrorism efforts;
10. EU and national (MS) counter-terrorism efforts in Europe; 11. Field trip; 12. Dispute on the question: how to go on?