Research Groups of the Department of Administrative Law


István Ereky Reseach Center

The Ereky Public Law Research Center was founded in January 2011 within the Pázmány Péter Catholic University Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Department of Administrative Law with the aim to become actively involved in the current trends and development of public administration. The research group conducts joint and individual research projects, in search for answers to the pressing questions. This way the research group can participate in central and local (governmental) development projects, where knowledge management, scientific basis or international comparison is essential. Research topics are related to the exercise of state power, central and local public administration, and the control mechanisms of public administration. 

Previous and on-going researches: 


Ernő Flachbarth Research Workshop

Founded in 2004. This Workshop covers the graduate researches on Minority Rights and Minority Law in the Faculty of Law. It is not an institute, it does not have permanent membersip. All the graduate students and doctorate aspirants are invited to attend the work that focuses on the rights of the minorities in Hungary and the Hungarian minorities in the Carpathian-Basin, as well as the development of the international environment of minority rights. The workshop is named after a professor of international law (1896-1955), who worked for the League of Nations in the field of minority rights, and later led the Department of International Law at the University of Pécs.

Previous and on-going researches:

  • Autonomies
  • Linguistic Rights
  • Acts on Minority Law
  • Life work of Flachbarth
  • Memory of János Esterházy
  • Srtucture of minoritiy protection systems