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Please always check the STANDARD COURSE LIST - only the standard course selection (and not the non-standard ones) - first to see whether the course is likely to be launched in the Autumn and/or Spring term or both - from among the list below - not all of them will be available. All courses are ONE TERM courses, you can register for them in each semester separately.

Each course yields 6 ECTS except for the Hungarian Language Course for Beginners, as it is only 3. 

- at the side bar menu the uploaded course lists of previous terms can also serve as some orientation -

Course code   Course name 
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JOPU420NA0 Banking and Securities Regulation

JMAJ203XX0 Comparative Constitutional Law

JOAJ474XA0 Comparative Ecclesiastical Law

JOJB303XB0 Comparative Legal Cultures and Comparative Judicial Mentality

JOKV208XX0 Competition Law

JOPJ477XA0 Corporate Law

JOKI454XA0 Democratic society and the rule of law in fear of terror

JONY476XA0 Drafting Contracts in English

JOKV461NA0 EU Competition Law Case Studies

JOKV304XA0 Environment and Development

JOKV441NA0 EU Environmental Law

JOEU433NA0 EU Intellectual Property Law

JOPE425NA0 European Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters (held in German only)

JOEU203XX0 European Law 1

JOEU204XX0 European Law 2_internal_market

JOEU205XX0 European Law 3

JOPU424NA0 European Tax Law

JOPJ495XA0 Family and Fndamental Rights

JOJT440NA0 German Legal History 2 (in German)

JOKV446NA0 Governing for Sustainability

JOKG470XA0 Hungarian and International Taxation

JONY510XX0 Hungarian Language Course for Beginners1 (Autumn)

JONY511XX0 Hungarian Language Coiurse for Beginners2 (Spring)

JOBJ440NA0 Hungarian Substantive Criminal Law

JONM434XA0 International Business Transactions

JONY508XX0 International Communication

JOEU478XA0 International Criminal Jurisprudence

JOEU485XAO International Economic Law

JOEU481XA0 International Human Rights

JOEU474XA0 International Humanitarian Law

JONK429XA0 International Investment Law

JOEU201XX0 International Public Law 1

JOEU202XX0 International Public Law 2

JOKV483XA0 Introduction to EU State Aid Law

JOAJ451XA0 Introduction to Hungarian Constitutional Law

JONM429NA0 Introduction to Investment Arbitration

JOJB441NA0 Law and Literature

JOKV498XA0 Law of Mergers and Acquisitions

JONY473XA0 Legal Reasoning in English

JOJB204XX0 Legal Theory 1

JOJB205XX0 Legal Theory 2

JONY474XA0 Legal Writing in English

JOKI458XA0 Linguistic Rights - Law of Coexisting Languages

JOKV491XA0 Misleading Advertising EU

JOKG462__0 Motivation and Impacts of Foreign Direct Investments

JONY509XX0 Negotiation Skills

JAJB204XX2 Political Science

JONY507XX0 Professional Terminology in the Practice of Law (in English)

JONY507XX0 Professional Terminology in the Practice of Law (in French)

JONY507XX0 Professional Terminology in the Practice of Law (in German)

JOAJ459__0  Relationship Between EU Law and National Law

JOKV484XA0 Sanctions in European Administrative Law

JOAJ482XA0 Statelessness as a Human Rights Issue

JOPU429XA0 Taxation in the European Union

JOKG438NA0 The European Integration and Hungary in the European Union

JOKV493XA0 The Evolution Of The Post – 2015 Global Development Agenda

JOPJ497XA0 The Practice of Personal Rights-Protection in Hungary

JOBJ40RXA0 The Prisoner's Legal Status and the Prison Situation in Hungary

JOPJ463XA0  The System of European Contract Law and Comparison with Hungarian Contract  Law

JOJB442NA0  The Legal Position of Hungarian Roma Minority

JORJ428NA0  The Theory and Institutes of Roman Law from a Historical Aspect 1

JOJB202XX1  Theory of State

JOAJ483XA0  Topics of US Constitutional Law

JOEU489XA0  Trademarks and Designs in the European Union

Non-Standard Courses

European Human Rights Law (Spring 2019)

Postgraduate Courses (DEAK) for Master or Master level students with good English skills:

Course descriptions:

A List

JSDI-EUA-2211 European Private Law
JSDI-EUA-2230 EU Competition Law
JSDI-EUA-2240 Company Law of the EU

B List
JSDI-EUA 3310 Intellectual Property Rights 
JSDI-EUA 3330 Theory and Practice of Product Liability, Consumer Protection of the EU
JSDI-EUA 3350 Banking and Financial Law in the EU
JSDI-EUA 3380 Justice and Home Affairs in the EU
JSDI-EUA 2110 The Law and Institutions of the European Union
JDSI-EUA 2120 Relationship Between EU Law and National Law
JDSI-EUA 2131 Economy of the EU - EU Policy Making
JDSI-EUA 2150 European Court of Justice


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