Department of Civil Procedure Law

The Department of Civil Procedural Law wa established in 1998. Between 1998 and 2004 the Head of the Department was Professor Dr. László Gáspárdy DSc, who was retired in 2004 and died two years later. In 2006 Dr. Viktória Harsági has been appointed head of the Department.

The courses offered by the Department on civil procedural law for the students (according to the model curriculum: in the 7-9th semesters) transfer general knowledge on the topic. It is aimed, that the students become acquainted with special civil procedures as well, the enforcement and other non-litigious procedures. Since 2005 judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters also belongs to the educational scope of the course, with special regard to the requirements arising from Hungary's accession to the European Union.

For the students in MA programme "European and International Administration" the Department of Civil Procedural Law  offers courses on the European judicial cooperation and with Comparative procedure law.

Besides the lectures, law students take part practical classes and the Department announces alternative courses every year in Hungarian and German language for law students and MA-students as well.
In 2006, the scope of compulsory courses was extended by the addition of Sports law.

The Department of Civil Procedural Law assumes a prominent part in the accreditation of a BAProgramme of Judicial Administration, which is planned to start in autumn 2013. Many of the courses of this future training will be taught by the lecturers of the Department.
Besides their education activities, the Department of Civil Procedural Law and its teachers take part in several research projectsin Hungary and abroad.