• Joint Postdoctoral Fellowship

    Joint Postdoctoral Fellowship

    The Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies and the Pázmány Péter Catholic University Faculty of Law and Political Sciences established a joint fellowship programme

  • Honorary Degree

    Honorary Degree

    Professor Paolo G. Carozza has been awarded Honorary Degree

  • Queens University of Belfast

    Queens University of Belfast

    New inter-institutional agreement

  • "Europe: find yourself again!"

    "Europe: find yourself again!"

    Hosted by the PPCU

  • Call for Applications

  • Conferral of Honorary degree to Paolo G. Carozza

  • New inter-institutional agreement

  • FIDE XXVIIth Congress



Welcome to the homepage of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences!

The Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University is a unique institution among the law schools in Hungary. Having a solid fundament – believing that truth has to be beyond the law – makes our institution a place of real freedom. High quality scholarship, a committed teaching staff, a wide range of international relations provide for a well established institution of legal training and beyond: we also offer courses in international administration and a number of post-graduate courses besides our doctoral school. At graduate level, every semester about 50 courses are offered in languages other than Hungarian.

The English language part of the website is currently being updated.