Environment and Development 2020/21/1 tanév 

2 Terms, definitions (as expressed by students)


4 Environment and development:  an introduction

5 Causal webs, W3 model logic

6 Planetary Boundaries

7_a The SDG story_short

7_b 17 SDGoals_BasicSlideset

8 AfterParis_FDSD

12 SpiritLevel slides

14 Assignments

Planetary Boundaries


Orientation 2015

Environment and development: an introduction

Timothy Snyder: The next genocide

The SDG story

Sustainable Development Goals

Organizing the implementation of the targets of the SDG system

SDGs - Group I.

SDGs - Group II.

SDGs - Group III.

SDGs - Group IV.

The Fragile Framework (Can nations unite to save Earth's climate?)

Figures for the future: 20 years of sustainable development in Europe?

The Spirit Level

Climate goal and support targets

Ecosystem Services (MEA)

Humanity on the move

Migrations Dynamics Root Masse